Does your home have a safe room?

Our custom Safe and Panic Rooms are fortified and installed in private residences or businesses to provide shelter in the event of a break-ins, home invasions, tornadoes, terror attacks and more.

 We custom build high-security safe rooms made from 1/4′, or thicker, steel and heavy duty steel beam reinforcements. Our job is to hide your most valuable asset: your loved ones.

We can hide your new Safe Room behind hidden doors, book shelves, cabinets, stairs, closets – the possibilities are endless. You’ll be tempted to show your safe room off to friends and family because of the impressive interior design.

All Safe Rooms come standard with Carpeted Floors, Fresh Air Vents, Heavy-Duty Vault Doors, Interior Paint, 12-Volt Battery Back-Up, LED Lighting, Independent Electrical and Communication Outlets and other options that will add to the room’s comfort and style.

bookshelf doorway hides safe room by ultimate bunker

Are you building a new home?

We are New Home Specialists who build our safe rooms to fit within any area inside your home, garage or business. Don’t wait to build a new home to gain the security of a safe room.

All safe and panic rooms are structurally engineered to resist Rioting, Home Invasion, Theft, Fire, Intense Wind Pressure, Storm-Blown Debris and much more.

Buying a Safe Room is an investment in your home, but more importantly, it adds much needed peace of mind – now you have a safe place for your loved ones.

Ultimate Bunker Safe Rooms conform to strict FEMA guidelines (“National Performance Criteria for Safe Rooms”), and exceed FEMA 320, FEMA 361 and ICC 500 requirements.

safe family ultimate bunker

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