Modular Shooting Ranges

Ultimate Bunker offers a complete, self contained two lane modular shooting ranges and underground shooting ranges built into a modular bullet proof container. Our Modular Shooting ranges are designed to your exact needs and comes complete with Shooting Stalls, Target Retrieval Systems, Bullet Traps, Lighting, and HVAC Systems. Our products are built to the highest specifications and are delivered fully assembled. We have several Modular Shooting Ranges Designs that are available in various lengths and are fully customizable for style and convenience. Call us today to discuss your specific needs and desires, and let us show you why we are America’s Best!
All our Gun Ranges are fully engineered to exceed federal regulations and comes complete with 1 or 2 shooting lanes, and can also be configured to a wide open layout with custom lane widths to meet your requirements. All that is required is a location to install the unit and the utility connection hook up to the provided exterior electrical disconnect.

Environmentally Safe

Lead exposure and collection are always a concern with any live gun range. Just as important for any live fire training is air quality and filtration. OSHA, NIOSH and EPA regulations for air quality are met in every shooting range delivered. The HVAC system maintains constant air flow and a negative pressure to ensure that lead, smoke, and airborne particulate are moved away from the shooter. All air passes through a 95 – 99.97% HEPA filter rack before it is exhausted outside making it Environmentally Safe for everyone.
Regardless of your training and shooting needs. Our engineered design allows expansion from 40 to 500 feet in length, and 1 to 20 or more shooting lanes and can be customized and configured with your budget and training needs.

We specialize in customized underground shooting ranges

Whether you’re looking for a smaller range for individual customers to use at home or a more complex range for large groups to run training exercises together, we’re experienced in underground gun ranges. We will help you put together a range to meet your unique needs and specifications, so no range installation is too small or too big for us to handle.

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