Is Your Gun Vault BIG ENOUGH to Secure Your Guns and Ammo?

We build the strongest and most secure gun vaults in the industry – our vaults hold your valuables in one place.

No other gun vault has the same quality and security as your new Ultimate Bunker Gun Vault

Standard Features

  • 1/4′ Thick Steel Exteriors
  • 3 Layers of Interior Fire Protection
  • 12-volt LED Lighting
  • Fresh Air Ventilation

Extra Features

  • Gun Organization Racks & Shelves
  • Reloading Equipment
  • Battery Power Backups
  • AR 500 Plates
  • Workbenches

State-of-the-Art Fort Knox Vault Doors

A vault room will gives you the gift of secure storage for any collection: guns, personal heirlooms, business and family records, jewelry, photographs and art work. Fort Knox Vault Doors are designed with easy installation in mind.

These heavy, fire-protected, steel doors can set in a preformed concrete or cement block opening. And don’t forget, your security room will provide an added layer of safety with its internal unlocking system, so you can keep others outside if they try to get inside.

Whether you go with the high gloss or textured finish, our doors will serve as an attractive centerpiece to any safe room. The inside swing model of your vault can double as a storm shelter or hide-a-way. Create peace of mind while complementing the rest of your residence.

logo for for fort knox company
example of green fort knox vault door

Creative Doorway Solutions

Murphy Doors offer

a Hidden Touch of Class

Murphy Doors are simple, clean and elegant additions to your home that hide your safe room from anyone. Our hidden door bookshelves, hardware hinge systems and other creative doorway solutions are some of the most talked about home improvement innovations today.

We are one of the leaders of the interior doorway industry because we provide a variety of creative solutions for both homeowners and professional builders alike. Our bookcase doors are by far the most popular products we offer – Flush-Mounted Bookcase, Surface-Mounted-Bifolding Bookcase and Flush-Mounted French style.  All bookshelf doors can be upgraded with upper and lower cabinets, locking systems, wine racks or automated-opening systems.

If building your own bookcase interests you, easily convert it to a hidden door by using one of our hardware kits and its top-of-the-line, patented hinges.

concept art of hidden door by ultimate bunker

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