Custom Shipping Containers

Our New shipping containers are fully Customizable and have become increasingly popular in recent years due to Cost effective, secure, mobile and they are custom designed and modified specifically for you. Our Custom Shipping Containers are an ideal choice for short term or long term storage space. Suitable for building supplies, commercial use, home use and much more. Our containers offer instant secure storage and are delivered right to your site.

Design and Build

We can take the standard shipping container and modify it for any application or need that you can dream of. Our Custom Shipping Containers are used for: electrical control rooms, pump houses, hazardous material storage, ammo vaults, grow rooms, mobile offices, battery storage container, storage for toys, custom homes and comes complete with Plumbing, heating and air conditioning, custom walls and flooring – everything is already installed upon delivery. Ultimate Bunker provides the best solutions specifically for the needs of our clients.

Extremely Durable

Our modified shipping containers can carry equipment weighing up to 50,000 lbs. They can easily be placed side-by-side or stacked on top of each other giving you lots of options and flexibility. Although these containers are Extremely Durable they can not be buried and are not designed for underground use if you are interested in going underground then please check out our underground products

Superior Quality And Craftsmanship 

Quality Craftsmanship – Ultimate Bunker performs all our modifications and repairs in house. Our modifications are done according to the highest standards possible to ensure that your container will endure years of use.

NEED IT FAST?  No Problem! We have Fast Turnaround times on modifications so that you can immediately put your new container to use.

Give Us A Call

Ultimate Bunker provides shipping container modifications for clients throughout the United States. For more information about getting a custom shipping container designed and built. We Are The Experts at Conversions and Creating Specific Solutions for your company offering you the ULTIMATE CONTAINER! call Ultimate Bunker at 801-661-3900