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Are You Prepared For Nuclear War Right Now?

Imagine you are sitting at the kitchen table enjoying your morning cereal, when you hear a loud aircraft above your house…
You wonder what type of aircraft it might be.
The noise fades. Suddenly there is a moment of blinding light with intense heat.
You can’t see anything. There is a strange reverberation, a noise that’s impossible to descrive, followed by a bang.
Then the house begins to crumble around you and the world darkens…
What do you do? Where do you go?

The threat is very real and can happen at anytime day or night. Unfortunately most people are not prepared for this type of event.

The Good News is that WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU. One phone call is all it takes to get the ULTIMATE SURVIVAL BUNKER for protection in the event of a Nuclear war.

We offer private consultations and on-site reviews!








Why Americans Prefer Ultimate Bunker

Take one look at our products and you will see they are built to perform to the highest standards and our fast and friendly service cant be beat!

All of our steel underground bunkers, bomb shelters,  vaults and gun ranges are built with the following our own proprietary design specifications:

  • Engineered set of Drawings
  • 1/4″ Steel Plate and I Beam Construction
  • 100-Year Guaranteed Exterior Epoxy Coal-Tar Coating Protection
  • Water Tight Fully Welded Inside and Out
  • Meets all FEMA P-320 and P-361 Shelter Specs
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Filtration Systems
  • Security Door: Fail Safe, Bullet and Tamper Proof
  • Protected Stairs & Exterior Hatch
  • Emergency Escape Tunnel System
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

All Of Our Bunkers Are Built To Last A Lifetime

At Ultimate Bunker, we use only the best materials and expert craftsmen to build our products. Because of this, We can guarantee our Underground Bunkers will last a lifetime. Anything less than the best is unacceptable.

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Have an idea for an Underground Bunker or Shelter? Ultimate Bunker’s engineers are available on-hand to help draft your ideas into a reality. We’ve custom engineered many impressive designs for customers around the country, and we’ve partnered with strong industry suppliers to provide a wide range of options.


Quality and convenience are our chief concerns, so we handle the entire process of development, delivery and installation. We understand discretion is important to our customers, and we’ll make sure your privacy is our top priority.

Customized Gun Vaults

We specialize in the largest and most secure Gun Vaults on the market.

Responsible owners keep their guns and ammo locked up no matter the number of firearms they own.

Ultimate Bunker offers the widest range of custom home, office and commercial gun vaults and safes available.

Our TL 10 and TL 30 rated safes hide your belongings underground for the safest and most secure option available.